Windowseat is a versatile finance and production company that tailors its workflow to meet the dynamic needs of commercially viable independent film projects. With active branches in film financing, development and production, Windowseat has the ability to move quickly on projects and nurture them as they come to fruition.

Utilizing this nimble approach to film production, Windowseat Entertainment strikes the right balance between commercial  viability and artistic integrity.

Windowseat has access to celebrity talent, product placement, movies, television, music, theatre, digital media and publishing.

For more information on Windowseat and partnerships, contact Joe McKelheer


  • -Steve Van Doren, Founder – Vans

    “Our partner Windowseat, gets sound bites and footage that really give the viewer a unique perspective into our events.”

    -Steve Van Doren, Founder – Vans
  • “Windowseat has their finger on the pulse of what’s going to get us in the conversation.”

    -Chris Ruszkowski, VP Marketing & Advertising – Quiznos
  • -Eduardo Valdes, Marketing Director – Mattel

    “The kind of passion and energy Windowseat brings to the job is something you rarely encounter.”

    -Eduardo Valdes, Marketing Director – Mattel
  • -Doug Palladini, Vice President GM of Americas – Vans

    “We appreciate WINDOWSEAT’S balance. They are experts at what they do and professional, and they really understand how to be culturally connected.”

    -Doug Palladini, Vice President GM of Americas – Vans
  • “Windowseat makes our department look like rock stars! With over 100 video productions under our belts, I am confident that any job they work on will be high quality and stress free.”

    -Amy O’Connell, Creative Services Manager – Camelbak
  • “We’re trying to reach a whole different audience through new content and across social media, and Windowseat has really understood what we’re doing with that target audience and what they want to see.”

    -Rebecca Cottrell, Sr. Global Marketing Manager – Hot Wheels