10 Things To Know About Kevin Darabi

Kevin works in Windowseat’s creative office in Orange County as our resident designer, all day DJ, and the owner of a beard so magnificent it has its own Tinder account. Born in New Jersey, he spent a good amount of his childhood moving from place to place across the US—he even did a one-year gig in Iran before moving back to the hard-core streets of Fullerton, Ca. His high school photography class was the gateway vice that led him to his addiction to graphic design. He’s a mad man on the keyboard, especially when it comes to creating his visual narratives –moving his mouse with the elegance and skill of a samurai. But all work and no play makes Kevin a dull boy, so when he’s not in front of his display monitor banging out killer work, he’s out on one of his many adventures in and out of town.


10 things to know about him

1. Motorcyclist – Cafe bikes / Bobbers.
2. Founded a small street art gallery / brand in Laguna Beach, Ca called “STORY”.
3. He digs yoga, soccer and hoops. Favorite sport is ultimate frisbee.
4. Favorite movie – Wizard of Oz.
5. Family moved 11 times before he turned 11.
6. Probably had a beard in the 3rd grade.
7. Knew he wanted to design in action sports / skateboarding industry when he was 12.
8. Cuts rugs to all music – Reggae / Hip Hop are his favorites.
9. Single father to a Morkie pup named Cleopatra “Cleo” for short.
10. Drink of choice  – Jameson on the rocks.

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