Toasty On Tour : Dirty Heads


Windowseat and Quiznos are bringing the toasty-ness back to a town near you. That’s right, Toasty On Tour is getting ready to heat up stages across the country with live music, exclusive content and awesome subs. Toasty On Tour was created as a way for Quiznos to connect with their fans on a more personal level, and stay culturally relevant with the music scene. With Windowseat and Quiznos being such music enthusiasts themselves, creating a music platform to reach other like-minded audiophiles while also supporting the music industry was a no-brainer. Since 2014, Toasty On Tour has become a positive way for the brand to provide their audience with a complete music experience. Toasty On Tour also supports the artists by providing them with the necessities to fuel their tour: food, travel and promotional support.

Recently, Windowseat struck up a partnership with the Hip Hop/Ska/Punk sensation The Dirty Heads to be the headlining act this year. The boys from Huntington Beach, CA will be bringing their upbeat and melodic sound to the ears of new and devoted fans hungry for some good vibes. Toasty On Tour creates exclusive social content for followers to get a glimpse into the lives of the musicians they know and love and has a positive reflection on the brand supporting them.


Check out their video for The Sound Of Change from their recent sold-out concert in Quiznos home town of Denver, CO.